Olivia Balle

Olivia Balle is a 23 year old Textile design graduate currently based in London, UK. Olivia completed her Honours Degree in Textile Design in 2016 at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand.

With a diverse range of skills, including but not limited to, digital and screen print, embellishment, weave and knit, textile designer Olivia Balle specialises in fashion and textiles for the body. Using traditional textile processes within a contemporary context Olivia’s unique and bold work reflects her love for maximalist aesthetics. Olivia’s strengths lie in her extensive knowledge and love of colour, her ability to push boundaries through the use of unconventional materials and a ‘problem solving’ approach to design. An interest in costume design, the application of textiles within a fine art context and also high fashion has resulted in a broad range of projects completed over her past four years of study. This includes founding a successful streetwear label plomandballe with a fellow student which has garnered her valuable business skills and knowledge. Alongside her creative skills this has prepared her well for any future endeavours as a fresh graduate entering the industry. In early 2017 Olivia embarked on a Prime Minister's scholarship to India on a sustainable fashion and textiles study tour, furthering her knowledge and passion for craftsmanship, sustainable practice and how the two interlink. Olivia has recently worked as a Textile Artist in the costume department at Stone Street Studios, on the film 'Mortal Engines' set to be released December 2018.